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What you practice, you become

Authentic Tai Chi Chuan practice supports your existence and enriches your life experience. In our modern life few of us have been taught the need for self-cultivation. Since none of us are born already “masters” of life, sooner or later we find that we need a method for managing and integrating ourselves.
What we normally end up “practicing” is the unconscious influences we absorb from television, advertising, various politicking, and all the other ever-present thieves trying to steal our attention. We would be much better off seeking to understand and harmonize with objective, universal laws, and distilling the lessons learned from our mistakes into personal wisdom.

By embodying and practicing Tai Chi principles, you naturally manage your own well-being in a way that completes and connects your existence with the greater existence. Authentic Tai Chi practice is an inner journey that leads to external harmony. It is a practical, step-by-step method for reclaiming your own power of spirit and self-responsibility.

Our purpose at the Golden Flower School is to make the deep knowledge passed down as the art of Tai Chi available to all of you who sincerely seek radiant health and natural wisdom.

Last changes on 25-10-2023.

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