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EU Practice Event June 27-28 Roswaard, NL

Vision and Key Principles of the European Practice



As a group of Golden Flower Instructors, Trainees and Advanced Students we want to practice more together.
So we created the European Tai Chi “Seriously Fun” Practice day, including forms and push hands etc. in an open fun free way for Instructors, Trainees and Advanced Students to join in and keep improving and raising our level together.  

These events will not be suitable for all, hence the minimum suggested level of attendee is “Senior or Advanced GF Student”  - we will be practicing and no one will be teaching/instructing and so learning will be through doing, following and partner work. So knowledge will be assumed or where forms are new to all of us, a willingness to follow along ignoring all our mistakes will be assumed instead!  

The GF Long Form will be a significant practice during the day (so it will also be a great opportunity for seniors and those missing recent trainings to get an idea of the sequence etc  by following).
As Master San Gee was saying at the recent events in the USA it is really important to just practice the form and push hands and internal power will occur and develop naturally, simply from this practice. So this is an event to really get together and just simply practice, practice, and practice. 

Since Pushing Hands and Martial Applications is difficult to train on your own, we'll take the opportunity to practice these interactive pillars of the GF Curriculum.

Other aspects and non-GF forms may feature, depending on who is there on the day and what the energy brings forth. 
We are really looking forward to making Pan European practice days a wonderful addition to all the European schools and our mutual development and hope you appreciate the idea and can come along and join the GF fun and community on one or both of the days!

Topics we practiced so far